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Hwy2Ananda follows a powerful and effective ancient Hatha Yoga techniques.  Our mission and the ultimate goal is to help clients achieve a state of balance in all systems in the body.  We encourage you to consider the following exciting offerings:

Can’t Get Enough of Yoga

Customized Yoga Sessions – modified to target individual needs.   

Life is Good Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga for adults with health conditions limiting full participation in physical activities – commercial and individual services.

World is Such a Curious Place – Pranayama & Meditation sessions

These sessions are usually offered in combination with or complementary to the yoga sessions, including Chair Yoga. 

All I Need is Yoga – Therapeutic Yoga Sessions with Yoga Therapy Intern***

We are currently accepting appointments for Therapeutic Yoga Sessions with a Yoga Therapy Intern.

Coming Soon: We are excited to add Yoga Nidra to our offerings starting November 2019

Yoga Nidra is a powerful meditation technique promoting profound relaxation. It has been shown to reduce PTSD, anxiety and alleviate many other conditions such as addiction, insomnia and more. 

To learn more about our exciting programs contact us today.

We are looking forward to helping you start your own personal yoga journey.

Don’t hesitate. Your adventure awaits!

We are also launching an online subscription-based service with full spectrum offerings release in Fall 2019 . We will offer a mix of yoga routines, pranayama or breathing techniques and meditation. 

*** Sessions under Yoga Yoga School of Yoga Therapy, Austin TX, internship program.  For more information, please visit Yoga Yoga Therapy website


Ananda is a Sanskrit language word for “bliss”. Joy and happiness are what yoga offers to people who truly embrace it. By learning how to attend to both physical and emotional needs of our bodies, we move closer to a balanced state, a contentment, a bliss.

We believe yoga is a deeply personal adventure. Treat it with kindness and it might give you back in health and joy many times over whatever effort you put into it.

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